A downloadable asset pack

there are some new animations for some 0x72's tileset  characters and weapons.

My reason:
as i'm using some of character sprites from  0x72's tileset, i get used to them so I tried to expand some of animations.

Currently here
Chort (demon): default Idle, Run + new Die, Attack, Hit, Spawn;
Imp: default Idle, Run + new Die, Attack, Hit (1st of die, gonna remake it later);
Skeleton: default Idle, Run + new Die, Hit, Spawn;
Necromancer, Orc : default Idle, Run + new Hit, Die;

ElfHero: default Idle, Run, jump(?) + new Spawn (drop from above), Hit, Die;

Iron Sword: default Idle, SwingUp, SwingDown, Stab + new Create(spawn/conjure), IdleRotating (for on ground item variant), Destroy, In the ground + pop out from the ground, multiple stabs.

Bow: + new Create, Attack, IdleRotate;

Chest (empty): + new Create, Open, Hit, Destroy;

Firewood: + new NoFire, Smoke;

Spikes w/o floor tile (didnt check how it fits yet)

Furute fate:
unknown, but atm i'm planning for some more enemies to animate (some bosses and decorations maybe), maybe a bow/shield and expanding hero's animations for dash, revive/respawn/awake, fly.

Please, give me feedback to improve/fix staff (and my english :P )


sword_iron_all_sheet.png 3 kB
elf_m_anim_sheet_16x28.png 2 kB
imp_anim_sheet_16x16.png 1 kB
necromancer_anim_sheet_16x24.png 1 kB
skelet_anim_sheet_16x16.png 1 kB
weapon_bow_sheet.png 1 kB
chort_anim_sheet_16x24.png 2 kB
chest_1_sheet.png 1 kB
firewood_sheet.png 1 kB
floor_spikes_anim_f0-sheet-sheet.png 362 bytes

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